Clip: Behind the scenes Pt 1

Behind the scenes Pt 1

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A lot of you Guys have asked what its like doing a photo and video shoot and what happens behind the scenes well here’s a few videos shot just before shooting a movie with Savana and Ricky Nash where I play Monica the Mischievous Maid so after a briefing with the cast and Crew its time for me to get into character so first I check I have everything I need costume wise and lay it all out ready then strip off and head for the shower. Once in the Bathroom I remove my dressing gown and tie my hair back and switch on the shower and once its warmed up I climb in but every time I get in the shower I need a piss It must be the running water sets me off but Im not getting out of the shower I just open my legs and let go all my golden nectar then thoroughly wash every part of my body before getting out to dry myself off. Trisha xxx (AKA Monica the Mischievous Maid)
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