Acceptable Use Policy

Please read these carefully. Failure to comply with these rules is grounds for immediate studio and/or video suspension without compensation.

  • No Minors: All actors/actresses must be 18 years of age or older. It is your responsibility to verify the age of/keep records of your actors/actresses. Clipvia assumes no producer role in your clips.
  • No Animals/Beastiality: Sex with or involving animals is strictly prohibited. It is your responsibility to make sure no animals appear in your clips.
  • No Drugs: Drugs and drug use are both prohibited.
  • No Rape/Nonconsensual sexual acts: Imagery of rape and nonconsensual sexual acts are prohibited.
  • No Roofies/Chloroform: No usage, implied or otherwise, of chemicals to render someone unconsious.
  • No Blood/Feces/Scat/Urine/Vomit: The following bodily fluids (simulated or otherwise) cannot be used in clips: Feces, blood, urine, vomit.
  • No Necrophilism: Imagery of deceased people or animals (simulated or otherwise) is prohibited.
  • Bondage Restrictions: Penetration of any kind is not allowed within bondage clips.
  • No Suffocation: Imagery of people or animals being suffocated is strictly prohibited.
  • No Weapons: Clips depicting weapons (real or simulated) are prohibited.
  • No Animal Crushing: This includes animals considered to be food and/or pests.
  • No Fisting: Clips showing fisting of any kind are not allowed.
  • No Snuff/Horror: Imagery of people or animals being maimed or killed is prohibited.
  • No Intoxication: Clips showing people intoxicated during sex are not allowed. This includes alcohol as well as intoxication caused by other means.