Clip: Behind the Scenes Pt 2

Behind the Scenes Pt 2

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More behind the scenes action for you all to enjoy after my shower its time to put on my make-up, I have to look my best for the shoot so I take my time in applying my Lipstick a nice bright red and I brush my Hair and Tie it back in a pony tail I don’t want it getting in the way and covering my face we have 3 scenes to shoot so everything has to be just right. Now time to get dressed, I put my day clothes away and start to put on my sexy pink lingerie, I have a nice Suspender belt with a pink satin quarter cup bra which fits just right giving a peak of my nipples, next I put on my Tan Stockings followed by my sexy pink satin Crotchless Knickers, that’s the Lingerie all sorted now for my sexy maids dress my little Piny then my shoes, now I’m all ready for action Trisha xxx (AKA Monica the Mischievous Maid)
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