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Inflatable Love Chair

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I had received a Gift from one of my admirers here on ClipFoo, an Inflatable Vibrating Love Chair and I couldn’t wait to try it out so I got it out of the box attached the pump and inflated it and once ready I decided to work myself up with a vibrator before sitting on the large vibrator set in the middle of the chair, I lubed up the shaft of vibrator and stroked it as if it were a real cock, I tried the controller and felt the vibrations then squatted over it and lowered myself down slowly then started bouncing up and down then leaning back I worked it in and out, it was a bit unstable so I turned and supported myself on the radiator, I slipped off and ended up on the floor but I grabbed onto the handles and worked the vibe in and out of my pussy while laying on my back, I stood up again and managed to support myself enough and bounced up and down on it until I reached Orgasm and I had worked up quite a sweat, after climbing off there was only one thing to do and that was to lick all my juices from the shaft before giving it a good tit wank. Trisha xxx
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