Clip: Molly's Fruit & Vegetable Playtime

Molly's Fruit & Vegetable Playtime

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I had just come home from the shops and sat down to rest and take stock of what I had bought, not much just a French Stick a Cucumber, a bunch of Bananas and a couple of Lollipops, but now its time to play and I start by rubbing my wet juicy pussy, I just love to play with my tits and I rub and squeeze them before popping them out of my bra and sucking my erect nipples, I lay back and finger and spread my pussy some more before reaching for the cucumber and sliding it deep into my wet and wanting cunt and I pound away deep and hard before licking all my juices of it, time to give the Bananas a try and I select the Firmest from the bunch and tease my clit with the end before sliding it in nice and gently pushing it in deep till it hits the spot and I soon reach an intense climax before removing it and licking all my cum from its shiny shaft, Next the Lollipops and I unwrap one and suck on it making it nice and sticky before rubbing it between my pussy lips then popping it into my juicy hole and sliding it in and out and rolling it all around coating it in my creamy cum which tastes so good when I pop it into my mouth, I really Love Pussypops. Molly xx
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