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Squirting Sisters

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I went to visit my good friend Trisha for an afternoon of filthy lesbian sex, we were both dressed in our sexy leather and PVC outfits and were both Horny as hell and couldnt wait to get our hands on each other we started off kissing passionately before getting our big tits out and sucking on each others nipples making them nice and hard. Trisha started rubbing on my wet pussy before getting between my legs and licking my pussy out and sucking hard on my clit, I was getting very excited but it was time to swap over and I spread Trisha’s pussy wide and buried my tongue deep inside after which we laid back and fingered and rubbed our very wet cunts. After a bit more kissing and tit sucking it was time to get our toys out and I handed Trisha my lovely pink vibrator and she started to pleasure me, I spread my pussy as she slid it gently in and out while licking and sucking on my clit and she soon brought me to orgasm and licked up all my juices. Trishas Turn now and she handed me a Big Black Rabbit which I slid effortlessly into her wet and willing cunt, I buried it deep and worked the Bunny ears on her swollen clit, The vibe twisted and rotated inside of her and she soon reached a satisfying climax. Time to bring out the Big Guns as we both reached for our magic wands and I was to go first and She quickly got to work on my pussy teasing my clit with my very powerful wand It didn’t take long for me to reach orgasm but I held back as I wanted to cum together with Trisha but time to get to work on Trisha with her wand. I worked the wand hard on her pussy pushing it between her swollen pussy lips, she held back her orgasm and we laid back and worked on our pussies as we wanted to cum together but I couldn’t control myself and I soon squirted all over the place but Trisha was soon to follow and she too got very wet and messy but I had to go again and I soon squirted everywhere again what a wonderful wet afternoon. Christina X
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