Clip: The Arrest 3 (Santa’s Little Helper)

The Arrest 3 (Santa’s Little Helper)

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That Arch Villain Summer Angel Lee had escaped once again from Jail but she had a cunning plan to avoid capture by hiding in plain site as an elf in Santa’s grotto but first time to play so after stripping off her prison uniform she reaches for her vibrator and fucks herself to orgasm then puts on her elves costume ready for her shift to start in Santa’s Grotto, the next thing that relentless police officer Sargent Trisha burst in but she was unsure of Summer’s true identity and started to question her but Summer started to seduce her and soon had her uniform off and the two of them were soon kissing and fondling each other on the bed, the next thing the chief inspector came in and Summer soon worked her charms on him and started to strip him off, once naked the two girls started to seduce him and were soon wanking and sucking on his stiff cock and teasing him with a vibrator then Summer bent over and the Inspector started rimming her arse hole before fucking her doggy style while she fingered Trisha’s pussy then he lay her on her back and sucking hard on her pussy before sliding his cock deep in her wet cunt and fucking her some more then she sucked all the juices off of his thick shaft, then he turned his attention to Sargent Trisha and started to fuck her hard while fingering Summers wet cunt then both girls sat up as he was ready to cum and wanked his cock hard shooting his full load all over their faces and they both licked it all off each other not wasting a drop. The Dirty Doctor
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