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The Missionaries

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I had been asked to lead a party of Missionaries to Africa to convert the Natives to our ways, now how could I refuse and of course anything to get out of the convent so I took Sister Fiona and Brother Malcolm and off we went to Visit Chief “Big Dong” of the Umbongo tribe. The Chief certainly lived up to his name and was soon converting us to his ways, Brother Malcolm certainly rose to the occasion much to the delight of Sister Fiona while I concentrated my attentions on the Chief who certainly had a lot of energy and after giving me a good fucking he turned his attentions to sister Fiona and he soon was giving her a good seeing to, I must admit we both seamed well suited to this missionary work, Now time to finish off the Big Chief, I Tit Wanked him back to full stiffness while sister Fiona lay back on the bed and the Chief brought her to orgasm by fingering her and I sucked his Cock to completion and was rewarded with a full load of his thick creamy in my mouth, which of course I shared with sister Fiona. Claire xxx
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