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Trisha the Space Alien

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Freeze Earthman, I am Trisha from Outer Space and I have come to Earth to look for Men who can Fuck, to take back to My Planet to satisfy our Female Sexual desires, but what are these strange objects, are these what you earth women call sex toys, I like the look of this shiny metal one maybe I should try it, I unzip my space suit and lay back and slide it into my wet pussy and I pound away until I reach a climax, I continue rubbing my clit with the cold hard steel before Unzipping the top of my space suit and releasing my large breasts and long hard nipples which I rub to make them even harder while still stimulating my pussy with the dildo but let me check out the other toy it looks like a rubber cock but when I pick it up it comes to life and gets erect but on closer examination I find control buttons which raise and lower it so I just have to give this one a try, I find a remote control for it and discover it also vibrates so its time to ride it but although it has a suction pad it does not stick easily to the floor so I sit back and pound away at my pussy before climbing on the sofa and lying back and fucking myself hard with it but after reaching a climax I suck my juices from its shaft but I feel so tired I need to have a rest. After resting I arouse myself and find myself in a strange room tied to the bed, next minute a doctor walks in and proceeds to carry out some tests on me, first he sucks up my nipples with suckers then attaches a vibrating pussy pump and sucks up my pussy, on questioning me I reveal the purpose of my mission and I’m soon squeezing his balls and hard cock, I convince him to untie me and start sucking on his thick shaft before he bends me over and starts to fuck me Doggy Style, he fucks me deep and hard his thick cock pounding away at my tight little space pussy, next I lay back while he licks and sucks on my wet cunt before raising my legs in the air and fucking me some more, next he fingers me then I suck some more on his cock and squeeze his balls, next I cool my pussy down with the metal dildo then once again bend over for more fucking, he squeezes my arse while thrusting his cock in and out of my wet cunt, next he starts rimming my arsehole before fingering it and then fucking my arse hole sliding his thick cock deep inside me, next I lay him back on the bed and suck his cock before climbing on board and riding him space cowgirl, then I turn around and ride him reverse space cowgirl bouncing hard up and down on his cock after which I lay him back and start sucking on his cock I feel he is ready to cum so I squeeze hard on his balls and suck hard and he soon reaches a climax and shoots his full load deep in my mouth, I now have a sample of Earth Man’s sperm to take back to my planet so I no longer have need of the Doctor so I grab my ray gun and Disintegrate him Trisha xxx
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