Clip: Anal beads insertion 4 balls deep

Anal beads insertion 4 balls deep

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Casey arrives into her apartment in a raincoat. She starts to pose and the photographer is taking photos of her. You can hear the photos being taken in the background and get the odd glimpse of the photographer as he takes photos. Casey is starting to pull her tits out from her raincoat. She has fabulous large natural boobs. She starts to swing and shake them. We spend quite some time looking at them as they swing, there is also slow motion sequence here too. Casey then directs our attention to some anal balls on a string. There are large balls and she has two sets. She then removes her coat to reveal her lingerie and stockings. The photographer continues to take photos. Casey then lays back onto the settee and spreads her pussy wide and we get in close to see her hairy pussy. She picks up one of the sets of anal balls, lubes one up and starts to push it up her ass. She pushes in 2 of the 4 balls into her ass, and then a third one finally followed by the four one. She has all four balls inside her and just the finger pull loop sticking out. After some ass spreading and pussy spreading she stands up and continues to pose. Whilst standing she starts to pull out the anal balls by the loop at the end of the string. There's some nice close ups as she pulls out the balls from her ass. Casey then poses with the string of balls and pushes them into her cleavage and she dangles them near her mouth. Finally she lays back boobs flopping down either side of her and lays the string on anal balls near her pussy.
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