Clip: Boob bouncing and dough mixing

Boob bouncing and dough mixing

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Casey is in her kitchen and has a large quantity of cooking equipment and ingredients in front of her. She has a jaw dropping cleavage on display. Her photographer is chatting to her and setting the scene and discussing the scene in German. After that the rest of the scene just focuses on Casey. She stands up and removes her skimpy blue knickers. She wiggles and shakes her bum playfully before sitting back down. She has her butt plug in place which you just get a glimpse of. She then starts to make her dough. Pouring out the flour and patting some of it onto her cleavage. She then pulls out her tits and plays with them. This is showing slow motion as she bounces them. She then add milk to her flour in the mixing bowl and starts to mix. Her boobs bounce, jiggle and sway as she foes this. She is giggling with her photographer as she is mixing, but you don't see or hear him. Her tits looks great as they sway. Again some of this is in slow motion. Casey then raises one leg onto the bench and put the mixing down in her lap.She continues to mix the dough together and we get a great view of her. She puts the mixture to one side and starts to rub her pussy and play with her tits. She massages her clit and squeezes her boobs. She stands up and shakes and swings her tits, this is shown at normal speed and in slow motion. her udders hang down and she knows how to get them moving and bouncing. Casey starts to put some of the dough mixture onto her tits, not much, just enough to damped them and make them glisten.
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