Clip: Charley Green nipple shaking with pegs

Charley Green nipple shaking with pegs

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We join Charley Green who is laying on her back on the bed. She has a couple of old style wooden clothes pegs and is explaining that someone told her that putting pegs on her nipples would make them even more sensitive. She tells you that she loves having her nipples, slapped, spat on, bitted, tugged and played with, she even goes into quite some detail on how a man can turn her on with a certain technique on her nipples. She applies the pegs, one to each nipple and spends the rest of the video pulling on the peg to raise her breast and then letting go so the boob and peg bounce back. She also sways about and rocks her boobs from side to side as well as flicking the ends of the peg. We get in close with the 2 HD cameras and show you the detail in her nipples and boob flesh. You get in close to see her boob wobble and shimmer as she bounces them around and lets go of her tit with the peg still attached. We have also slowed the speed by to 25%, without any loss of quality of flickering of the light source. Shot at 100 frames per second (FPS) and then slowed down to 25FPS gives buttery smooth slow motion and a wonderful sense of movement in Charley's tits. Gotta love a large pair of natural boobs, and Charley treats you to a great view of them. We move around with the camera angles so you get to see and marvel at her mounds from different viewpoint.
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