Clip: James Bond gets digested in Romania

James Bond gets digested in Romania

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This was a custom order Mia and I gladly filmed, with the following instrucions: BACKSTORY: James Bond has been sent to Romania to investigate a long series of cyber-attacks against the United States. While resting at a nearby hotel he gets approached by a very sexy Romanian woman at a bar. You then give him one of your hotel room keys and tell him to meet up with you later that evening for some well-deserved companion time. INTRO: The video starts off with you on the phone with your other Romanian Operative…Mia. You tell her that James Bond will soon be nothing but breast milk after you seduce and digest him alive. You ask Mia about his back up agent that she was trailing at the bar tonight. She explains that she is already digesting him inside of her belly and that she will swing by later this evening to see if you need any help with James Bond. video fades out. MIA VORE SCENE: The video fades back in and the camera is on the base of a bed looking up and zoomed into Mia’s large belly, boobs, and face. Her belly is moving around as back-up agent is already inside of her and desperately trying to escape. Mia is still on the phone with you and rubbing her struggling belly. She is teasing her digesting captive and puts the phone on speaker and then places it right next to her struggling belly. Erin then speaks over the phone to the digesting agent so he can hear and says how both of you knew that James Bond came to Romania with backup and that soon enough both James Bond and himself will be completely digested alive and never seen again. That they will fail their mission to stop the cyber-attacks and any future agents sent to Romania will meet the same, slow fate. Mia then brings the phone backup to her ear and the two of you laugh as the video fades out. ERIN GETS READY: Video fades back in and you go into a room, pull out a beverage (Shaken & Stirred!), and add some poison. Then James Bond shows up (just POV camera of Mia silently holding the camera and walking in) and you have a brief little discussion on how great it is that everyone is getting vaccinated or recovering from COVID-19 in Romania. You offer James the dr!nk which he gladly consumes. He keeps staring at your deep massive cleavage while you talk about the times. You periodically mess with your hair, bite your lip, and lean in closer to him…seducing James Bond. While chatting you see that he is having problems with his dr!nk and he eventually falls to the floor, face up and shaking, the camera fades out. HELPLESS: The camera fades back in and James Bond is still staring up at the ceiling. Slowly and in a slightly creepy fashion your face begins to appear from above his head (upside-down from the camera perspective) with a blank stare and creepy, big smile! You quickly explain that you have poisoned his d!ink and that you are going to send him on a one-way trip to your belly and that his back-up agent is already being digested alive inside of your partner operative Mia. You then slowly descend down on the camera with your mouth wide open and the screen fades out again with the sounds of you swallowing water or something. DIGESTING JAMES BOND: The camera fades back in and this you have the camera looking up from like maybe a bed table (slightly elevated) so that it's zoomed in and focuses on you boobs and belly. You are actively moving, pushing, and rolling your stomach muscles around (to simulate James Bond struggling inside your belly). You are staring at your belly and talking to him as he slowly breaks down. You are touching your belly, squeezing your boobs, touching yourself and moaning in pleasure as you feel him fighting to escape. No matter how hard he struggles your stomach muscles continue to turn him into mush. There is nothing he can do but right out his very own slow digestion. PHONE MIA: After about 2 or so minutes of the digestion scene you pickup your cell phone and call Mia. There is a brief conversation (include like speaker phone over her talking to you if possible) about how James Bond is deep inside your belly. You hold the phone on speaker next to your struggling belly so she can hear him digesting. He actually hears the whole conversation through your stomach walls and realizes his been tricked and that his backup agent is also being digested alive! Now your stomach is really moving around! You tell Mia to come over and watch him slowly digest inside of you and to this she happily agrees! Scene fades out. MAN MILK: The scene fades back in and this time Mia is on the bed with you marveling at your sexy belly and giant boobs. You two chat back and forth and Mia is talking to your belly teasing and taunting James Bond as he gets weaker and weaker. You then tell her that some of his body has already been broken down and is stored in your breast milk. When she hears this she gets really excited and begins to suck on your boobs and swallow your milk to which you agree.
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