Clip: Get me pregnant, babe

Get me pregnant, babe

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I've been trying for a long time to get pregnant with no success. I invite you over when my husband is away. I know from your wife who's my best friend, Gianna, that you just got her pregnant for the 5th time, with your huge cock, and now you're expecting. I'm very jealous that you get her pregnant so easily, while I start to worry that my husband is shooting blanks. I know you're obsessing over my huge boobs so I want to lure you into fucking me and impregnating me. I tease you with my boobs, I bounce it and shake it in your face, and when you're hard from it, we move over to the sofa and have sex, until you cum. I then rush you out, because my husband will be back for dinner. But nobody will know, except you and me, that I'll be having dinner with your sperm inside me...
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