Clip: Selling used panties

Selling used panties

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So this cuckold Alan has one of the smallest dicks I have ever seen. I decided to give him a treat - and sell him my used panties. I have never sold any before, so it was completely new experience for me. I promised to wear them for 3 days, but ended up wearing them for 4 days. Since he told me, he will chew on them and masturbate I was thinking about it a lot. And become wet so many times during the 4 days. After I took them down, they were infused with my juices. You can even see it on this video, how dirty they was. When I took them down, I also showed him my unshaved pussy a little bit. Since he is a cuckold, he is happy for you to watch and hear about his tiny cock. DO YOU WANT YOUR OWN PANTIES OR BRA? SEND ME AN EMAIL.
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