Clip: Testing 105K Ewa Michalak Bras 2

Testing 105K Ewa Michalak Bras 2

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I always wanted to try Ewa Michalak's extra size bras. I wrote her if she can make custom bra for me. They suggested I send them my measurements that a standard bra should fit. I did not believe but I send them very detailed measurements. The suggested 105K should fit. I never had such size so I was very curious. Then wonderful fan Marcel decided to send me 2 of the bras as gift. I was so excited. What was even better, then fit really well!!!!! So now I have another brand of bras I can wear comforabely. Even with my boobs size increasing from 38O to 40P now. What a wonderful Christmas gift. -------- want to spoil me and get a free video? do you have a fetish for clothes? send me email to to discuss ----------------
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