Clip: Viking Queen Meets Queen Of Bohemia

Viking Queen Meets Queen Of Bohemia

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Legendary Viking warrior and queen Lilydis visits Vladislava, Queen of Bohemia over a border dispute. Negotiations start tense, but soon it becomes obvious, that Vladislava is more than tempted by Lilydis' extraordinary boobs - as there are visible even through her leather armour. They settle the dispute with super hot busty-queen-to-busty-queen sex (Vladislava has nice pair of tits of her own), including LIlydis riding Vladislava and rubbing their hard clits against each other. Eventually, Vladislava proposes a wedding - first female to female wedding in Medieval times. The 2 kingdoms merge, with the 2 queens hosting extravagant sex feastings. With free entrance to any busty noble or subject with boobs above G cup.
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