Clip: Don't disturb Giantess Alice in her sweet Dreams

Don't disturb Giantess Alice in her sweet Dreams

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It is not for nothing that Alice is one of the most popular big boobs models. Her sweet face and bright mind are engaging and her huge naturals are soft and juicy, with amazing big light areolas and a breath-taking boob to body ratio. We met Alice 85JJ in South Germany and swear that her wonderful tits grew fuller and bigger since we last met. Look forward to new unforgettable videos with Alice, hotter than ever. Giantess Alice is glad to get a rest after a long exhausting day, so she lies down and closes her eyes, not realizing that a crowd of tiny guys gathered on her sleeping place to stare at her wonderful mighty giant tits. Alice is rolling here and there, smashing some of the tiny fans with her monster jugs, until she discovers the remaining unbidden horny guests and gives them a hefty taste of her heavy low swinging mammaries and falls back to sleep. Who needs small insignificant men, when you have giant soft boobs to cuddle?
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