Clip: Giantess Sunniva smothering 4 Policemen and 1 Traffic Offender

Giantess Sunniva smothering 4 Policemen and 1 Traffic Offender

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We haven’t worked with Sunniva Lind for more than a year, but here she comes again, bigger and bustier than ever, a popular German BBW with amazing distinctive natural 44 O cup tits, being among the biggest in the industry, and equally amazing unpretentious sweet nature. Happy to present Sunni in a fabulous sixth shooting. Giantess Sunniva is not amused. Five tiny guys, four police men and a traffic offender, are spreading trouble right before her residence. High time to teach them a lesson about respect and behavior. It’s already too late, when the tiny guys realize, that a gigantic lady with incredible montainous curves is approaching. Sunniva swings her wrecking balls right above their infinitesimal heads, before she smothers and squashes all of them at once, nothing but unpleasant insects under her giant heavy tits, that will be wiped away in a second.
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