Clip: Maja meets Miosotis Compilation No 1

Maja meets Miosotis Compilation No 1

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This is the first compilation of the best scenes of "Maja meets Miosotis". It includes Part 1 - 4 (Clip no 1776, 1788, 1805 and 1827) Miosotis is a living legend, the Caribbean breast queen with the most amazing body-to-boobs ratio you could ever imagine. Her all natural bell-shaped 38 U cup sized titties are just breathtaking and grant special attention wherever she appears. Miosotis hasn’t worked in front of a camera for years, no wonder that she was greatly missed by her admirers all over the world. But here she comes again, bigger and sweeter than ever, in a spectacular first video season. Sit back and enjoy. The first Scene: For the very first clip, Mio shows off in a red swimsuit with white dots, the Caribbean sun is shining brightly on her beautiful cleavage as she cools down under the pool shower. Don’t stop to breathe when the queen is getting topless, playing with her gorgeous gigantic bazookas, smiling, teasing and imprinting herself right into your brain. The second Scene: It's time to get up for Miosotis. Lolling about on her bed in lovely blue silk pyjamas, the Goddess needs to cuddle with her huge soft breasts, before she sits up on the side of the bed, still playing with her heavy chocolate tatas, and then standing up to have a look out of the window, where the Caribbean sun is rising. These precious tits need a lot of care, so Mio is spoiling them with some nice creamy body lotion as a part of her morning routine. Don't you think Mio could use your help? the third Scene: You might have seen this setting in the VR 180 3D version in clip no 1797 before. The longer 2D version brings more Miosotis, stretched out on the bed, where Maja pulls up her red and white striped tee to play with a pair of wonderfully soft super heavy mega tatas. A lot of oil is needed for all this shiny breast flesh. Would you mind to take Maja's place? the fourth Scene: The red dress looks especially stunning, when Mio is swinging her hips in front of the mirror, stretching the fabric with her epic curves, with and without the lovely too small dark red bra underneath. Mio knows for sure how to bare her huge natural boobs in the most sexy way, as you watch her playing from many wonderful surprising angles. A Long Player for a nice price
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