Clip: aunt Nina whipping and giving BJ

aunt Nina whipping and giving BJ

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I am Aunt Nina sitting on the couch with hair up, glasses on wearing a dress and shoes. Jack comes in and I confront him about skipping school. I tell him to take off pants and give me the belt. I whip him in a circle. After the whipping I give him a kiss and tell him to get dressed. Turned on from my kiss he peeks on me while I take off your clothes preparing for a shower. I put on the shower cap and notice him peeking. I quickly cover my privates and scold him about seeing me naked. Realizing he needs to be whipped I order him to strip naked. I rip the belt out of his pants. I tease him touching myself and smash my tits into his face. I take the belt and whip him in a circle and then he bends over the couch for more of the belt. I have him cum into my mouth and dribble it back into his. A nice catwalk to end
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