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Beach Wet T-Shirt

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Lots of wind, surf, sun, sand, huge naturals, and my southern exhibitionist free spirit! In a fit to be tied customized T-shirt and beloved Saint Andrew's bikini bottom. A mix sure to excite the independence minded immagination but you won't have to immagine it honey. You're going to see it all when my love pillows get basted with buckets of warm sea water. This sea soaked bird will give your power driving boat, ample, curvy, cause to rise up again and splatter your batter! See the sea. Hear the wind. Feel the sun kiss your skin and the sand squeeze between your toes! Please, remember sweetheart, I'm always lookin' for volunteer guest models and for hearing your custom video ideas! If your ideas are something I can get a grip on. I'll get it made for you to pick up. Don't paddle away just yet. Take a look out over yonder sea and you'll spot another boat coming in. Which'll be treating you to an additional, matching, 88 photo musical slide show. Originall taken in 20.4 megapixels or 5184x2920 frame size but formatted here to fit this videos 1920x1080 frame size. So, the actual video length is 7 minutes 22 seconds with an additional 7 minutes 20 seconds of musical slide show. Thanks to everyone for droppin' in! Sarah Wet T-Shirt, Boobs Flashing, Bouncing Boobs,Beach Sand, Beach Seduction, Sunshine, Sea Wind, Grinding Surf ,Mermaid Desire, Overdeveloped Boobs, Trimmed Pussy, Ocean Motion, Barefoot ,Beach Sunbathing, Public Outdoors, Soft Porn, Full Nudity, Curvy , Plump Rump, Voluptuous Mature, Rock Lobster Brandy
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