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Glory Hole 6

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Hi Honey, Let me tell you about the anonymous cock coming through the glory hole! Well, it was thick and white with a wide head. It popped in and out of that glory hole slot. Giving me time to size him up and tear open a pack of king size pasante condoms and prepare my cherry flavored lubricant for a good mouth and hand tugging. He feels my tits and tugs my nipples. His big white cock pops out and I slip that condom on and mouth tug and stroke him pleasurably. You'll hear, and see glimpses of the video playing in the back ground of our locked glory hole booth. The camera gets up close as I suck and stroke his throbbing cock. I never quite know what to expect. He cums in his condom before I know it and I pour his load out on my boob. We chat through the glory hole and get to know each other a little bit. Filmed anonymously at a real arcade adult book store. All unstaged and unrehearsed as it happens. I'm freshsly showered and nicely scented. My pussy is neatly trimmed, and my nails still have a bit of blue on them from my last nail salon visit. I'm wearing a white tie front top, yellow tube top, denim skirt with no panties, and brown leather sandals. My glory hole partner in this film is stiff and ready to play! Baby, would you like to see stills of me taken during the show? Did you say, "yes I wood!" Well I enjoy hearing that, because you're going to be treated to a 71 photo musical slide show, of me, in more glory hole adventures! Originally taken in 4032x2268 but formated here to fit the videos 1920x1080 frame size. So the actual video length is 14 minutes 4 seconds with an additional 5 minutes 55 seconds of musical slide show! Thank y'all for poppin' in to play! Sarah
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