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Live Oak Nude 360 Spherical

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Hi Sugar, In this one. I get frisky in a live oak tree again. Fully clothed at first. I strip off my top layers and get busy quick. My overdeveloped 40M's, extra large areolas and stiff nipples, flop, and swing to the max. Then I pull off my bottoms. Lay back fully nude, for you honey, and spread to reveal my warm trimmed pussy. Be with me as the action unfolds in front of you. Feel free to look about. Immerse yourself in something different! I'm now offering 4K MP4 format digital media in 360 Spherical. No Virtual Reality equipment needed. When photo's start appearing. They'll be in 360 Spherical JPEG format. My video will play on your computer with the desired effect (very stable). Using the player listed below. It won't play on all players with the desired effect. Which is, to use your mouse to maneuver around on screen. As if you were standing right in front of the action with the ability to look all around. Still a work in progress. Playing it on your cellphone requires finger manipulation to stabilize and adjust the view. A way cool and very different experience! Enjoy, Sarah Movies & TV: Free app for Microsoft Windows
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