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Special request order from Roger: Hi Sarah Would you be up for a custom order? :) (Sarah) Love to if it's something I can do dear! (Roger) Sounds good :) I can send you a few suggestions! “Okay , I was thinking we could perhaps start with some photos?” 01. View from below 02. Standing up bending forward spread 03. From behind on all 4, leaning forward spread 04. Press boobs with clenched fists 05. Holding boobs, sucking one nipple, name (Roger) written on boob 06. From front legs apart spread (Sarah) Would you like the name Roger in each photo? (Roger) That sounds fine with the name in each photo :) Are you showing your face in the photos? Plus, please use good lighting in the room, day light pref. (Sarah) Yes, and lighting will be good. (Roger) Sounds great :) Hi Roger, I have your photographs request completed. Plus, many more and a video. Your idea will be a great help to me! (Roger) Awesome :) How much did we say for the whole order? (Sarah) How's 20 credits sound to you? The video's 8 minutes 8 seconds, 1920x1080, MP4 and a 119 photos which play out in a musical slide show. (Roger) Done :) Good Morning Roger, Your order is complete and delivered! (Roger) Thank you very much, you're amazing, love it! Would love to order from you again :) (Sarah) Anytime, you're welcome, and thank you for this opportunity.
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