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My Ass wiggles and tits jiggle on a walk at the park. I slip down a steep slope and walk uphill. Balancing on a little tree stump. Full Nudity. Enjoy! Boob News: 42J, I spill over the top on both sides. 40K, I spill over the top on the right. 38L, I spill over the top on the right. 40M, hmmm, soon we'll see how this one's gonna fit! Boob News: Well, it's looking like the 40M is fitting me well with no buldge over the top, less sag, and comfort. I'll Update be able to tell better after wearing it for a longer period of time. I'm also going to try my sister size in 38M which will offer stronger uplifting support, but maybe less comfort. So, my current measurements are a 38M-38-48 to 40M-38-48 at approximately 142 pounds, 5'-1/2" tall. Thanks to everyone, everywhere, for your interest and support! Enjoy! ;-) BOOB NEWS: I'm trying to find a better bra fit because I've been spilling over the top. So, after having my breasts measured again. I've ordered a 40K (UK 40H) to see if it fits better, without buldging over the top. I've been wearing a 42J (UK 42GG) so this is a band size down and a cup size up (called my sister size).
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