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Come join me next to my campfire and show me your Yummy Stick! I got the red hot, hot dogs, charcoal smokin' on the grill. Well, if you're to busy. I guess my, red hot, hot dog, and banana will have to do but I really need you to give me your spunk donation! So, sit right down next to me while I spread for you and give you a mega sized melons surprise! Grab hold of them suckers and enjoy! Oh-yeah, suck 'em baby! Mmmmm, hold on a second! The pressure's building. I have to take a tinkle. Hmmm, now that would a been hot pourin' down yer hangin' sack o' balls! Hey, maybe later on tonight yer swingin' honey pie, won't mind you tryin' out my air mattress with me. MMmmm, gulp keep a look out for passers by! Lots of booby shimmy 'n' shake, and spread close up pussy action. The actual video length is 6 minutes 45 seconds. For the remainder of the time you'll get a special treat of a 48 photo musical slide show of the matching photo set taken during the filming of this video. This one has a glitch at the start. Very clear during the first photo. Fuzzy on the second and third. Clear on the rest. Originally shot in 5312 x 2988. Which has to be formatted here to fit the videos 1920 x 1080 frame size. Thank you for stoppin' in! - Sarah
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