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Seductress by nature, cuckoldres by choice! p1

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Seductress by nature, cuckoldres by choice! My beloved hubby... you know... I have looked into your internet browser because I needed to look up my e-mail and I have found something interesting. Don't look at me so scared. Yes! I have found all your "cuckold" search on porn sites and I gave it a thought and I came to the conclusion that I can make that fantasy come true for you! Oh yeah! You have inspired me to do what I am going to tell you right now! You know you have a very sexy wife, a woman that many men desire. Yes, darling! I am confessing I cuckolded you! Since this is a new ground for both of us, I want you to listen to my stories at first and then, when we both will be ready, we will take it to the next level! See, hubby, what a wonderful wife you have? I am sure that what I am going to tell you will give you a thrill and an erection. And from now on, hubby, we will have to focus on my sexy look, outfits and so on. You will have to work harder to be able to provide for this new lifestyle - fancy dinners, nice dresses, hair, make-up - because you know it will make you feel useful and helpful and exciting and because you know that every single day when you will think of me and our new sexy story will be the best moments in your day and because now you have a new goal! We are a great team, love!
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