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Casey Deluxe blue flowerdress

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Casey is outside on a glorious sunny day in Germany. She chats to you and introduces the scene. She is wearing a blue dress and blue denim jacket. Her tits are free with no bra. She bounces up and down and shakes her tits. They wobble, bounce and sway about in the dress. She removes her denim jacket so her tits can move about even more in her dress. There are normal speed and slow motion sequences hear. Casey starts to unbutton the front of her dress to reveal her massive cleavage. She shimmies her cleavage and a gravity defying feat. Then she starts to bounce and her tits almost break free, her nipples are showing and then her tits pop out. She pulls her tits out so they are not constrained my the material of her dress. She plays with each tit and then claps them together. Again we show you this in slow motion and at normal speed. Casey then pulls up each tit by the nipple and lets it fall and then repeats this a few time with both tits. They bounce and fall and you can see the weight of them. Casey continues to bounce up and down, squeeze, shake and swing to get her tits moving. There's lots of these sequences in slow motion so you can really see her tits move. We have different camera heights to give you different views. Low down looking up and at normal height. Casey then spends some time licking and sucking each nipple in turn and massaging her big boobs.
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