Clip: Alice and Pam Part 33 A Boobs Massage for Maja

Alice and Pam Part 33 A Boobs Massage for Maja

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Two beloved busty queens, united in one shooting. Alice is a Romanian beauty. Her gorgeous self-confident appearance, cute smile and legendary giant low-hanging natural tits make her one of the most famous boob stars worldwide. Pam originates from South-Africa. Her inimitable classy style, natural curvy charm and amazing huge chocolate tits with these typical big dark areolas are worshiped everywhere on this planet. Don't miss out on a second of these clips, about to go down in big tits fetish history. Pam and Alice sandwich Maja on the sofa. One goddess on her left side, one on her right side, ready to expose Maja's huge natural tits and to give her a nice sexy massage with a lot of nice body lotion. Maja really enjoys the sensitive treatment, but has no objections to change places with Pam, as Pam also needs some intense titty treatment. Alice and Maja are taking care of Pam's wonderful bosom, and then it's Alice's turn to sit in the middle and get a smooth titty massasge with a lot of love and body lotion. How much scented slippery heavy boob flesh do you stand? This is an alternate version of "Maja meets Alice and Pam Part 8+24" (Clip No 1241 + 1704) shot from different camera angles plus some "behind the scenes" footage.
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