Clip: M-Cup Bra Change with Karola and Gretl Part 2

M-Cup Bra Change with Karola and Gretl Part 2

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Karola and Gretl haven't met and worked together for a long time, but here they go again, rejoined in a shooting with Maja Magic. Gretl, bigger and sweeter than ever, pre-sents her enormous natural 42 L cup boobs. Queen Karola and her natural 48 ZZ cup mega tits are unbeatable of course, and she knows for sure that every other lady looks comparatively small next to her. A spectacular reunion of two gorgeous top heavy mature BBW babes. Have you seen clip no 1952? Gretl was joining Karola on the sofa for a chit-chat and a bra-swap with a black M cup Goddess bra. In this new clip it’s a shiny golden L-cup Goddess bra, that they are trying on, and it seems a bit small on Gretl, but of course it’s far too small for Karola, which makes the ladies giggle a lot. Getting topless they swing and sway their heavy titties. Would you mind to join them? This is an alternate version of "Maja meets Karola and Gretl part 8" (Clip No 2308) shot from different camera angles now with original sound.
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