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Karola is the queen of gigantomastia. For the 6th shooting we met in a beautiful remote country house, enjoying summer sun and using the occasion to shoot a few videos outdoor. Karola's legendary 48 ZZ cup breasts keep on growing and we vow they enlarged since we last met. Don't forget to blink when you catch sight of this wonderful lady with the most generous personality and the biggest natural tits you could ever imagine. Karola in a pink patterned dress and most amazing cleavage stretches out on the bed, pulls her gigantic tits out, softest toys you can think of, and has no easy time trying to control those extremely heavy breasts, constantly covering her face while she’s lying on her back. Karola presents her extremely soft macromastic curves in different positions and from different angles, enjoying all the enthusiastic attention, kissing and licking her nipples, self-sucking and self-smothering until someone joins in to support the queen. At the end Karola seems a bit exhausted. As she presents her epic jugs, they threaten to draw her to the deep, and it seems almost impossible for the Queen to turn around in the bed herself. This supersized heavy lady might really need your support.
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