Clip: Karola 160 shows her Black and White Polka dot Dress

Karola 160 shows her Black and White Polka dot Dress

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Karola is and always was a natural world wonder. Since she started modeling topless in 2001 she shocked and enchanted legions of macromastia lovers all over the planet. Her extraterrestrial 48 ZZ cup tits kept on growing until today and are practically incomparable. Here she comes again, queen Karola, with her niece and personal assistant Rose, in a wonderful 8th shooting. With a little help of her gorgeous niece Rose, Karola is putting on a giant (but still too small) white bra and her new black dress with white polka dots, exposing her epic cleavage in the most magnificent way. A lot of sweet big smiles and a very heavy boob drop later, Karola is back on her arm chair, topless and ready to jiggle her tits for you.
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