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Beach Faux CPR II

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Oh-my, I'm layed out at the beach and ready for a rescue! This is all pretend and was a special request so don't be alarmed and sit back and enjoy the show! Nothings like a very warm sunny day in South Mississippi on a Sandy Little Pleasure Island Beach Head. Starting off, I'm in position and topless with my massive "gun boats" all natural 40M's exposed to the surf washing up between my sandy bottom string bikini delights. After a few out takes we had the camera angle the way we wanted. To show off my full body to you in the roaring salt water waves. Next my hubby in all the excitement forgot where he left his trunks and after, "discovering me in need." He figured a bottomless party would be more fun so he loosens up one of my bikini strings and thought, "Hey, exposing your trimmed beaver for you would for sure be stimulating." Then he begins to pump me back to normal with gentle yet vigorous rubs. NOT real compression's. Being careful to only jiggle and wiggle me a plenty like the motion of the roaring ocean surf. To the tune of the special requests in the Beach Faux CPR II guide lines. Which were to do a, ". . . ratio of 4 simulated breaths followed by 15 simulated chest compression's, 4 simulated breaths followed by 10 simulated belly thrusts, then repeat cycle." "Please ensure you continue to simulate chest rise & your belly puffs out when you're given mouth-to-mouth breaths and I'd also like to see good simulated chest compression's & belly thrusts as well . . . " "If the floor is not good for you, then a bed or beach is OK for a duration of 10 minutes." We guessed at how long we were doin' it and came close to that time. Count the cycles and see how accurate we were! Please stay tuned in, because after I'm sittin' up in the surf and saying bye-bye! You're getting another special treat of a 39 photo musical slide show. Which was originally taken in 5184x2920 or 20.4 megapixels. Then formatted to fit the videos 1920x1080 frame size. So the videos actual length is 8 minutes 9 seconds with an additional 3 minutes and 29 seconds of musical slide show. Connect with me and tell me your special requests! Model for me in one of my films! Thanks to everyone for stoppin' in! Your Playtime Boobs Fun Girl, Sarah #Outdoor #Pleasure Island Beach #Bikini Bottom #Sandy Beach Head #Sandy Bottom Delights #Roaring Ocean Surf #Curvy #Massive #40M #Gun Boats #Trimmed Beaver Full Nudity #Intense #Soft Core #Faux CPR II #Rescue #Chest Rubs #Belly Rubs #Wiggly Jiggly Boobs #Wiggly Jiggly Belly
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