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Beach Fire Witch

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Hi My Pretties, Y'all comin' with me to Witch's Beach? Well, hocus my pocus, thank you! I'll bring my black bikini. Pack my green sash, witches hat, and broom for some, . . . "double double toil and trouble." Get a fire burning and prepare for a, "caldron bubble." Pack up the Sea Witch and let's head to the beach boat launch. Flip that outboard switch to on and let's get to trolling across the salt water straight. Want me to be a bad and naughty witch? Okay Honey, I'll put on my little black bikini and shake my witch's tits, so good for you. Gather up some sticks and let's light our fire. Our flames a risin' higher! My trimmed beaver's gettin' wet! Watch me sashay sweetheart and I'll bet your woody hard pole will just be about ready to cast its spell all over me! Well, hump my broom stick! Happy Halloween to everyone! I got my witches brew done. Well dog gone it! That whirlybird warlock flying overhead has interrupted us again! Now y'all, please let me know 'bout your special request ideas and if it's something I think I can brew up for you. Tra-la-la, I'll get it posted here as soon as the next wave rolls in on witch's beach! Plus, remember my delectable delights. I'm always open to making films with my local fans in Coastal Mississippi. Things I would need from you: Fill out the guest model releases and provide your signed photo ID documentation. Get in touch with me here or maybe through my Tumblr or Twitter profiles. After the video you're goin' to get a special trick or treat of a 73 photo musical slide show! The photos were taken at 5184x2920 and then formatted to fit the videos frame size of 1920x1080. So the videos actual length is 9 min 45 sec with 6 min 5 sec of slides. Enjoy it my pretties! Thank you for poppin' in, Sarah Additional Tags: Witch Fire, Witch's Broom Stick, Broom Humping Witch, Witch's Brew Stew, Witch Hat, Green Witch Sash, Curvy Witch Sashay, Happy Halloween, Public Outdoor Witch, Swinging Witch Tits, Huge Witch Tits, Plump Witch Ass, Trimmed Witch Beaver, Witch Beach Play, Sea Wind Witch, Sea Scents Witch, Witch Flashing, Solo Witch, Southern Witch Charms, Saltwater Witch Waves, Sea Witch, Witch's Beach, Sailor Witch Girl, Ocean Witch Motion, Whirlybird Warlock, Cast A Spell, Woody Hard Pole
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