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The Mardi Gras Fox, also known as the Beaded Sarah Fox, is a beautiful voluptuous plump member of the Fox family. She can only be found in Dixieland, during the month of February, screaming an especially loud mating call as her swollen breasts fly out during the Fat Tuesday migration. Our hidden motion camera captured this wild and beautiful creature in her native habitat as she came out of her den before sunset. Sarah Foxes can be kept as pets, although they are not very common. They are plump and have super sized knockers. They behave much like playmates, but since they are not tame, they do require careful socialization as well as precautions against going full bore wet and wild. As always, before deciding to adopt one of these beautiful foxes, be sure you are single, separated or divorced, to be safely able to keep them where you live. Enjoy natures wild adventures! Video is 8 minutes 49 seconds, MP4 format, 60 frames per second, 1920x1080, with a 69 photo musical slide show at its conclusion, for the remaining time. The photos were taken originally in 16 megapixel but had to be formatted to attach them onto this film. Thank you for coming over to check me out. - Sarah
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