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Beach Punch Balls

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Hi, Sweetheart! You'll find me sitting on the waters edge and I've brought my blue and yellow punch balls for a relaxing beach workout! Check me out and your cock will stiffen, thump, and pulsate for a good cock popping as the waves shake and splish splash my sexy curves in black lingerie. Baby, you'll see it all! As I kick back and punch some really big balls in my little blue lounge chair. Spread wide and nude in the brisk gulf breeze. The salt water waves will be licking up my wet pussy. Your favorite super sized boobs will be bobbing and swaying to the punch ball motion. My nails are a bright blue. My corn silk hair flutters in the breeze. My pussy is smooth,warm, soft, and trimmed. You'll see lots of close up flopping toppless undulating udders right away! As I punch those big hanging balls! The sounds and sights of the wind, sea, and surf are a pleasant delight. Making me want to stay naked! You'll see lots of close up views of my osillating udders, trimmed beaver and thick yummy thighs. Including full body. I toss those big balls around like a sailors dream. High above the waves! Honey, my southern charms and yummy thick thighs are ready for you to enjoy! Darling, would you like to see me in more curvy mature punch ball play? Did you say, "you bet my slinging punch balls I do!" Well pump on my lady lump! You're getting treated to an additional 132 photo musical slide show of me in more undulating and oscillating udders glands delights! Originally taken in 5184x2920 but formated here to fit the videos 1920x1080 frame size. So the actual video length is 7 minutes 13 seconds with a whopping 12 minutes 9 seconds of additional musical slide show! Y'all keep your film ideas comin' in! Sweetheart, if it's somethin' I can get a hold of. I'll post it here for you to pick up as soon as I can! Plus, please remember sugar. I'm always lookin' for local volunteer guest models to appear with me in my videos and matching photo sets. Wear a disguise, if you like, for bed play. Or poke your package through a, homemade hotel doorway, glory hole and come join in the fun! I'm located between Biloxi, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama. So, if you're a local. Hit me up for some safe fun.
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