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Hi, Sweetheart! I'm all dressed up. Sitting on the side of my bed. In my little room at Motel Relax! Tugging away at your woody for a good cork popping! Are you ready for me to get to stripping? Okay honey, stroke it for me honey while I strip for you. Then, I'll take back over tugging you again and pull out my massive 40M tits to give you a good titty fucking! Like a pair, of macromastia udderly delightful and massive weiner buns. I suck away at your cream filled hot dog. It's turned out to be a lot of fun at Motel Relax today. I'm so glad you came over like we arranged on that friend finding social site and verbally agreed to film and upload our hot action to my paysites. You'll see lots of flopping toppless undulating udders right away! As I twist my big girl plump rump 'round on that bed! The sounds and sights of that squeeking bed. My mouth suction as I suck you off, and your rump humping me. While you push your nice stiff cock through my lips. Are a site to behold. You'll see close ups and full body views of my osillating udders as I blow and tug you. Then my trimmed beaver. As I lay down spread legged for you to donate some of your hot one eyed snake venum. Ha-Ha, but first I suck my own tits for you and masturbate for you to watch. As I play with my boobs and fresh fish; you jump up. Roll on a rubber and slide in! Honey, my southern charm and yummy thick thighs are ready for you to enjoy! Awesome, you got so excited; you cum, fucking me in your rubber! This is an older film from 2014. Taken without image stabilization features. Sweetheart, would you like to see me in a few more more hand tugging BJ poses? Did you say yes ma'am! Well, rub my slippery love button! You're going to be treated to a 5 photo musical slide show of me in more hand tugging delights! Originally taken in 3264x2448 but formated here to fit the videos 1920x1080 frame size. So the actual video length is 15 minutes 16 seconds with an additional 25 seconds of musical slide show! This is an older film from 2014. Taken without image stabilization features. Y'all keep your film ideas comin' in! Sweetheart, if it's somethin' I can get a hold of. I'll post it here for you to pick up as soon as I can! Plus, please remember sugar. I'm always lookin' for local volunteer guest models to appear with me in my videos and matching photo sets. To do that, I'd need you to sign the model releases and provide your signed photo ID documentation. I'm located between Biloxi, Mississippi and Theodore, Alabama. So, if you're a local. Hit me up for some safe fun. Don't fret sugar if you feel uncomfortable providing personal information. You're welcome to take the anonymous route if you need to. Disguise yourself anyway you like. Like, when I film at the Glory Hole! Contact me here or through my Bdsmlr & Twitter Blogs Call me directly using verified call. Video chat with me or cam to cam with me on Skyprivate Skype. My Delivery Code Wish List. If you have a product you'd like me to wish for. Send me a link! Thank you folks for kindly droppin' in! Sarah
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