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Hi, Sweetheart! I'm sitting in the gentle waves splashing on shore. It's a pleasant setting for a Southern Independence nudity fetish. Warm waves give me a stimulating massage. My titty's are floppin' while my pussy's being caressed! Cum on in. As my tits flop over my sexy curves. Right down at my pussy. Imagine thrusting your cock into my snug, 2 finger, sqeeze box. Your cock will fill and thump to give me your warm baby batter. Honey, you won't be waiting. You'll see the good stuff right away. I'm at the waters edge wearing my Confederation string bikini. My pussy is exposed for you and my, all natural, massive tits will be floppin' on my ample curves immediately! Spreading my legs wide for you as the warm sea flows over my trimmed pussy fur patch. Your favorite super sized boobs will be jiggling, wiggling, and flopping on that pussy. My nails are blue manicured. My corn silk hair flows over my shoulders. My pussy is smooth,warm, soft, and ready for you to ride. You'll see lots of close up flopping toppless undulating udders right away! Flopping down naturally by my sea caressed pussy! While the sounds and sights of the sea smack the shore on a hot summer day. Well, I'll just have to stay cool by staying naked! You'll see lots of close up views of my osillating udders. Sunny beaver and thick yummy thighs. Including full body. I toss those huge natural 40M titty's around like a sailors dream on the high seas. Riding high up on the waves and splashing down! Baby, my southern charms and yummy thick thighs are ready for you to savor! Darling, would you like to see me in more curvy mature Southern play? Did hear you say, "you bet your tasty nipples I do!" Well hop on my love lump! You're getting treated to an additional 111 photo musical slide show of me in more undulating and oscillating udders glands delights! Originally taken in 5184x2920 but formated here to fit the videos 1920x1080 frame size. So the actual video length is 5 minutes 13 seconds with an additional, ball draining, 9 minutes 15 seconds of musical slide show! Y'all keep your film ideas comin' in! Sweetheart, if it's somethin' I can get a hold of. I'll post it here for you to pick up as soon as I can! Plus, please remember sugar. I'm always lookin' for local volunteer guest models to appear with me in my videos and matching photo sets. Wear a disguise, if you like, for bed play. In my tent out in the woods or kayaking to the island for some outdoor beach fun. Or you may, poke your package through the arcade adult book stores glory hole and come join in the fun! I'm located between Biloxi, Mississippi and Theodore, Alabama. So, if you're a local. Hit me up for some safe fun.
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