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Curvy Cat Walk

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This was a special request from a fan who told me what he'd like to see and hear me do for him in a video. So I broke his request down into the following outline to give myself a guide to follow. - I'll stand straight up fully nude, wearing a pair of high heels in this video. Plus, the setting will be outdoors and I'll take a photo set. - I'll introduce myself to my fans and explain to them what I plan on doing in this film: - Okay, "I'll Be Walking Towards You And Then Away From You With My High Heels On And Then Off." - "Then I'll Be Doing Jumping Jacks Facing The Camera, And Turning To The Right Side, Back Side, And Left Side." -–"I'll Finish Up By, Twerking To The Song, Back That Azz Up · by Juvenile" "Please let me know if there's something you want to see and hear me do in a video for you and if it's something I think I can do. I'll get it done for you!" "Enjoy and thank y'all !" Sarah The actual video length is 10 minutes 15 seconds. This version has a 68 photo musical slide show at it's conclusion. The photo's were originally 5184x2920 Which have been formatted to fit the the video's 1920x1080 frame size.
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