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Bikini Harness

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A little light bondage at the lumberjacks backwoods nudist colony for two. I used a 50' foot long and 5/16" thick rope and took up the slack in figure 8's up my back. So all of it was used without cutting any of it. I purchased it at a local hardware store and learned how to do the Bikini Harness online from The Duchy. It wears well as long as you put no tension on the ropes at all. Otherwise it's uncomfortable. It would be fun to add the Unchastity Belt (Crotch Rope) to have a top and a bottom on at the same time. Making it a little like a finished Rope Dress (Hishi Karada). Wearing either to a fetish party or a swing club would be a blast. What do you think? 58 photo musical slide show at films conclusion.
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