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Bra Changing

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Hi, although I wear a 40M, U.S. band and cup size, bra. I wanted to also show you what I look like in smaller bras. As well as my correct fitting size. It gives me a more spilling out look. So, I brought an assortment along to my hotel room and had some bra changing fun for you. I start out being fully nude and put on a pair of blue lace panties. Which provides you a nice camel toe effect. You'll see my boobs shimmy and shake as I flop them around to change. A really nice plump ass view as I turn around for you in the bed. You'll get to enjoy it too like you were sitting right beside me! Enjoy, I really appreciate you stopping in! I also want to let you know that the actual video length is 8 minutes 43 seconds. In the time remaining. You'll be treated to some more fun because you'll get to view this videos matching set of 71 photos to the tune of a musical slide show. My photos, taken especially for you, were originally shot in 5312 x 2988 but they each had to be formatted here to fit the 1920 x 1080 video size. - Sarah
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