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Masked Rider

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I'm fit to be tied because I've gotten myself all roped up in a Star Harness and it's caused me to be in need of urgent stress relief. "Help!" Yeee-Haaa, why here comes The Masked Rider! "Please, sir can you help me out of these here ropes." "Why sure thing ma'am." "It'll be my pleasure to slide them off and slip mine in!" Actual video length is 16 minutes 57 seconds and was recorded at 1920x1080 MP4 format, 60 frames per second. There is a 116 photo, musical slide show taking up the remainder of the time. The photos were originally taken in 16 megapixel but the only way to include them on CF is to place them within the video at 1920x1080 size. Thank you for stopping in! Enjoy!
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