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Oak Tree Passion

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Is anything more hot. Than a fan of gals with, All Natural, Plump, Big Assed, Super Sized Boobs. Gettin' the chance to meet one in the woods as she climbs a tree for him and gets naked! What an explosion of passion! Well that's exactly what happened to the the Lucky Lumber Jack and guess who he is! It's you! Watch out! Don't trip over those campfire stones. I'm bare foot in the dirt. As I climb up on a very old, worn out, picnic table to mount an old oak tree. I'll pull off my top and bra. Spilling out my 10 gallon knockers. After having a good chat. You finally ask me, to show you my fur! Enjoy, because it was a lot of fun to share this time with you! Bubbles & Balls is a new release too! So check it out!
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