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Auntie Trisha
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Reading, U.K.


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So, you want to know a little bit about me then do you? Well where should I start, I live in a small village in the Country, it’s a quiet peaceful place where I’m considered a pillar of the community and an icon of respectability. My work with the local Women’s Institute and my Charity Fundraising have earned me a lot of respect. But You Guys don’t want to know all that stuff, do you?

No let me tell you about the real Auntie Trisha, the one hiding behind the cloak of respectability, the 5ft Pocket Rocket that will show you what life is all about and take you into a world you could only imagine.

I suppose you could say I’m a little oversexed, but I just can’t get enough, I’m always up for a good fuck, anytime, anyplace, anywhere and I’ll drop my knickers, that’s if I’m wearing any, as quick as you like, I just can’t get enough stiff Cock and I just love a nice young stud who can keep me satisfied all afternoon.

But when there’s no cock to be had I have a very large selection of Toys I just love to play with which keep me satisfied when I’m all alone, which to be honest is not very often and of course I have a lot of girlfriends who just love to come around and play, and when we play we play hard, very hard.

I am a very naughty girl, a bit of an exhibitionist or so I’ve been told, I love to go out Flashing and when I’m caught short I just love to piss wherever I may be, and Oh I just adore wetting my knickers, nothing beats that feeling of ecstasy as I let lose my golden nectar and feel it running down my leg all warm and wet and soaking into my stockings.

So, Guys if you want to see if what I’m telling you is true just take a look at some of my explicit videos here on which I just know you are going to enjoy. 


Auntie Trisha   xxx

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