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ABOUT ME: Hi Sweetheart, I'm Sarah40M

MY MEASUREMENTS: I was size. U.S. 40M-38"-48" (inches)

I'm now size. U.S. 36K-32"-40" (inches)

I don't wear a bra at home or when going to FetLife Events.

BUST: 36" inches is my U.S. band size. Which is a measurement of my chest size. Around and under my tits. My chest size is exactly 36" I used to be exactly 39" and had to round up to a 40"

CUP SIZE: M was my U.S. cup size. J was my U.K. Cup Size. I'm all natural. Now K is my U.S. cup size. H is my U.K. cup size.

BRA SIZE: 36K, means I have a 36 inch band size. Which is a measurement around my chest, under my tits. Again, K is my U.S cup size. H is my U.K. cup size. I'm all natural and I don't wear a bra at home or when going to FetLife Events.

WAIST: was 38" now 32"

HIPS/ASS: was 48" now 40"

LEGS/CALF: was 17" now 15"

THIGHS: was 27" now 22"

HEIGHT: 5'-1/2" (5 Feet-One Half Inch). I prefer using 5'-1"

WEIGHT: I was 181 pounds. Now I'm 132 Pounds. Which explains my reduced measurements.

EYES: Hazel

NATURAL HAIR COLOR: Streaked Corn Silk Hair. Which sometimes appears Brown. The sun, and the passage of time, effect color changes. I do not dye my hair. My hair color is all natural.

NAIL COLOR: I usually choose a Blue Color but not always.

SIZES CLOTHING: About a size 8/10 dress or about a medium bottom and a medium top. My tits are still in the super-size range. It can depend on. If the material has a high stretch or if the sizes run small or large.

SHOE SIZE: I'm a size 7 in U.S. size.


COLORS: Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Yellow, Black, Gray, Aqua, Fuchsia

FOODS: I like to cook a variety of different things. I eat and cook seafood gumbo, Red beans and Rice, Spaghetti, Mexican, Italian, Chinese . . .

Liquors: Wine coolers, white wines, butter pecan moon shine, things like cream liquors. I usually only drink liquor when I'm making my adult films or live camming.

MUSIC: Country, Southern Rock, Rockabilly, Western, Classic Rock, Traditional Folk, Church Hymns . . . no rap

MOVIES: Romantic

HOBBIES: I enjoy being nude, nude modeling, nude camping, nude motor kayaking, nude gardening, nude cooking, Nude Filming . . . of course given the opportunity and without passersby to cause a possible fuss. I sleep in the nude.


TURN-ONS: Tugging your hard cock. Squeezing your balls. Hearing you squeal with pleasure. Feeling your cum splatter on my tits.

TURN-OFFS: Knowing your balls are huting for squeeze box release. Consider making a tugging video with me and let's fix that!

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: (STRAIGHT, BI, LESBIAN, ETC) I'm very straight but willing to have soft core nude play with a woman who wants to make new digital media with me.

STATUS: (SINGLE, MARRIED, LTR, SWINGER, ETC) I'm a straight married swinger and my straight hubby Tim and I enjoy making solo videos and photo sets of me solo and with signed male guest models/co-performers. So, consider making some digital media with us. My hubby is my camera man. He has a good time filming our play time together.

BETWEEN THE SHEETS I LIKE: I like it on top, bottom, or 69. No anal or fingering pain. I'm 2 fingers tight.

PUSSY: (SHAVED, NATURAL, TRIMMED, ETC) I get my pussy trimmed with a horizonal-landscape landing strip. I'm don't shave it bald for film requests. If I have a short length full bush. I'm in between trims.

BIGGEST FANTASY: To give my fans the opportunity to make safe sex videos and photo sets with me and for fans to cum on my tits. My hubby Tim is my cameraman. We film as often as we can. Currently once every 2 weeks on our weekend's off together. So cum on all you big strong men. Model for me and give me a helping hand.


If you're interested in being a signed volunteer guest co-model.


I upload my videos and photo sets I make to my online pay sites.


Doing outdoors videos without passersby is a favorite.


All the websites I uploaded to. Require a signed form 2257.


Sheer, Many Vids, Porn Hub, AP Clips require separate model releases, and I prefer a photographer release.


Along with the model releases and 2257. On one side of a sheet of paper. A signed in blue ink color copy of your photo ID, front & back, is required by the websites.


I can send the forms to your email. For you to look over.


It's straight-safe-sex male female 2-way with your cum shot on my tits.


Wearing a mask/disguise is fine.


If you think you may be interested. Please, send me your email and I'll send you the forms to look over. Hang onto everything until we all may have the opportunity to meet-up. To work on a video.


My hubby Tim is my camera man. We have every other Saturday and Sunday off to meet-up. With some weekday, "lunch times" which may also work. What's your availability?


Weather permitting, we enjoy setting up at an Island, in Biloxi, MS. and setting up at a State Park, in Gautier. Local Moss Point, MS. hotels will work too.


Thank you! To get in touch. Contact me at.





Best Option.



2nd Best Option.



Shop Description:


While supplies last.  I'm going to offer to you for sale.  What I wear in the adult videos I upload there.  Each video will end with a musical slide show.  Which is a matching photo set.  Taken before the video was shot. 


So, my stretchy lace G-string panties will go for $20.  My stretchy tube tops for $30.  My iron on tops for $40.  My films will feature me stripping out of my panties, tube tops, and iron on tops.  Which, I'll offer for sale.  My films, like here, are figured at a $1.25 a minute and I round up to the next highest dollar.


If my supplies run out.  I'll order more and offer you, as similar items, as I can.  Which, I may film myself wearing.  If you'd like to have a video, as well.   


In my videos, which will include a musical slide show at the end.  I'll first introduce myself.  Full body clothed, and then turn my mature body 360 degrees.  So, you can see all my curves and what you're buying. 

CAM VIDEO CHAT WITH ME DIRECTLY: Cam-to-cam with me on, Classic Cams, My Free Cams, Chaturbate, or Streamray.

Custom Video Pricing: My pricing for custom videos is a $1.25 a minute and I round up to the next dollar. Photos pricing is calculated by how many minutes they'd run as in a video slide show. At the same $1.25 a minute video rate. I would then upload the video/photos for you to purchase from a website. I currently have 11 sites I upload to.






If you want to spoil or tip me. This is my, Sassy Sarah, Delivery Code Wishlist and this is my cash app $AAAmisty2

If you have a product you'd like me to wish for. Send me a link!


Honey, weather permitting, my hubby Tim and I enjoy setting up at an Island, in Biloxi, MS. and setting up at a State Park, in Gautier, MS. Local Moss Point, MS. hotels will work too.

DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: Sweetheart, to strip quickly and provide you with plenty of nude, exotic-erotic, sensuous-sultry moves.

YOUR OUTLOOK ON PORN OR WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO ACHIEVE WITH YOUR SITES (BESIDES THE OBVIOUS): Sugar, it's to provide you with pleasurable adult entertainment. Giving you the opportunity to perform with me and to watch me perform with fans. I enjoy making videos safely. It's fun work and a rewarding experience to share with you.


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