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Give in into your ultimate fantasy of being aroused, manipulated and addicted to the most perverted Romanian beauty!

I am the woman your mother told you to run away from, daughter of Dracula, a true Transylvanian Femme Fatale, who knows where your Achille's heel is and who will use it in her favor and will get you addicted with her sweet face, astonishing curves and brilliant mind. I am what Rubens would have loved to have as a muse. Your addiction to me grows as you read each and every word of mine and there is no turn back! And in fact, you don't want to go back! From now on you will think of my ruby lips, my sweet and deep hazel eyes, my full cleavage and my plump figure. Don't say you haven't been warned!

I grew up to be educated in the finest schools in Romania, therefor I have a rich knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, History, Geography and I speak 4 languages: Romanian, English, French and Spanish. My debut in human mind and behavior was when I enrolled for my first group of acting. The next 12 years I have been so many people. I followed my love for the stage to University, thought I rebelled and didn't graduate as the methods were still communists. I have been blessed with a deep but warm voice and I worked with it as a Radio DJ. Later, I was fascinated about NLP and body language and I discovered how useful they were as a photojournalist. Being able to see trough a lens what people don't see even when it's obvious is an amazing skill. I turned my love for human nude body and became a boudoir photographer.I spend my free time reading books about sex and sexuality, human mind and NLP, thinking ahead and see what else I need to learn, what other kind of shooting I will do, what will be the next video. You can see now why there is no wonder I became the vixen who will ruin you for all the other women, with just a cheeky smile and a perverted sight. Besides all my physical attributes I have been blessed with a colorful laughter that will lure you like a mermaid's song. You will not be able to resit to my charms. You will surrender! You will not be able to go back to what you were before meeting me... It is too late now! Give in to your ultimate fantasy of being aroused and addicted to the most perverted Carpathian beauty, the one and only, Roxanne Miller!

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