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I have being working on an app for a client that will allow the final customer modify pictures very easy and also it has a user friendly interface. It is supposed to help the users transform one person very easy. it is supposed to help those who want to change something about them. Maybe bigger boobs, smaller nose, haha smaller cock... well. I have to run some tests before the beta version is launched and I am a bit late as I overslept. Working late nights got me tired. The first thing I try is the clarity. something weird happened! Suddenly I don't need my glasses anymore! Woooow! My software works in a funny way! Somehow, it works for real! It looks like my algorithm changes the DNA data of the person in the image! Whaaaaat? Ok! I am gonna try something crazy! I am gonna enhance my boobs! I try at first a little! And then I can feel my skin getting tight and all the growth pain I had as a teenager that was actually in vain as my boobs never grew. This is crazy! I am going to try and give myself an F cup! So I can be bigger than Lisa, the prom queen, who used to mock me for being nerdy and flat chested and chubby. Woooow! It works again! I can't believe it! I call Mike and tell him it works. I am shy about it, but heeeeey! It works like magic! I am going over the top and try a new size, called even bigger and woooow! They look humongous! My shirt explodes and I am like woooow! Never dreamed to have boobs like that. Now when I am happy about it the app hits a problem in the system! My boobs just won't stop growing! Mike, Huston, we have a huuuuge problem
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