Clip: Pills to grow a cup in a month! BE

Pills to grow a cup in a month! BE

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I am so sick and tired of everybody mocking me about my flat chest that I would do anything to change that. All my friends and even coworkers make fun of me because they grew to be large and I am... small. It makes me so sad. So I found some pills that promise you to get a cup in a month. I take one and I don't feel anything happening! So I take another one and I start to feel my skin tightening and somehow something filling up my chest! It feels good and I get excited about it! I take another one and then I start to see that my boobs are growing again which is so cool! I am so happy that now I am so much bigger than my largest friend. But I wanna be bigger than her and I don't care anymore about what the warning on the bottle said! I took them all! Now my chest is starting to grow so big and so fast that it pops my shirt and my t-shirt gets so tight until it becomes so small that it barely holds my chest! Wow! I can't believe it! It's somehow a turn on but now it gets also scary! And my tits still grow and grow and grow
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