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Genie in a Bra - BE

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Today something weird happened. In my PO box there was this bra. I took it as I have a thing for big bras. I wish I had boobs to fill a big bra like that. I was touching it gently when something happened. Out of the bra appeared Boobie - The Genie in a Bra! He said he has to make 3 wishes come true for setting him free. I asked for a blue lace bra, just because I wanted to be sure he is no scam. And then I asked hm to turn my plane white bra into a beautiful one with polka dots and lace. And third! I asked him to make my boobs bigger than Charlene's! God! I hate her! She always teased me about having big boobs and I was always frustrated in her presence. Now we will see who has bigger boobs, Charlene! It's me! The growth gave me a lot of pleasure and it made me cum. Now I know for sure that if I ever find Boobie again, I will ask him to make my boobs big as the house
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